As an experienced Actor & Voiceover, I provide engaging voiceovers to help lift your brand above the bland. Often cast as the affable Tradesman; warm, friendly, conversational reads encourage the listener to identify and relate to the narrative. Of course, flip the emotional coin and therein lies a vein of cold hard steel, and all else that lies in-between.

I have a fully equipped Studio that supplies Broadcast Quality Audio to clients both here in the UK, and out into all parts of the English speaking world. In areas as diverse, as e-learning, Corporate Communications, TV, Radio, Film, in fact anywhere there’s a voice to be heard. I’ve even had requests to provide unusual sounds for objects, on one occasion…’Can you do a Sleeping Lemonade bottle?’ ‘Yes, of course…’

Opportunities now arise more frequently for you to use a Professional Voiceover. Adding a real sense of sheen to your Company Website, Explainer Videos; for use on YouTube, or Powerpoint Presentations for Sales Conferences and Exhibitions, as well as the more traditional routes of Online and Offline advertising.

Whatever the arena, we can provide all the Help, Experience and Professionalism you need. Usually, we provide ‘Dry’ voice i.e. without any processing, but we can produce fully edited programmes, carry out script amends, copywriting and all Production work, if necessary. Our extensive Industry contacts mean that we can also provide additional Casting from a select group of close colleagues as well as a number of Foreign Voices.

C’mon…let’s go to Work