It’s 20 years, but only seems like yesterday…


“I could not stop listening to the story of Bernard o Mahoney and his associates – a must for true crime fans.”

On December 6, 1995, three key members of the infamous Essex Boys gang were lured to a deserted farm track on the pretence of planning a robbery. As the trio sat in their Range Rover, two gunmen approached the open rear door of the vehicle. Moments later, the first shots rang ut signalling the start of a swift, yet bloody massacre. When the weapons fell silent, the three men lay dead.

Before the gun smoke had cleared, rumours laced with innuendo and lies had begun circulating throughout the Essex underworld and beyond. Who really killed Tony Tucker, Pat Tate and Craig Rolfe soon became the greatest mystery in British criminal history.

Despite countless books, films, and documentaries pointing accusing fingers at an array of suspects, no clear cut version of events backed by hard evidence has emerged.

That is until now. Within this audio, narrated by Karl Jenkinson, former key member of the Essex Boys gang, Bernard O’Mahoney, breaks his silence. He is the man who knows who killed who, why, how, and when. This is his confession. This is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about the Essex Boys murders and so much more.

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